Technical Services
Technical Services :: Capabilities

MTEQ’s Technical Services Division provides superior sensor science expertise to our DoD customers through design, prototype development, field collections, laboratory experiments, modeling & simulation, analysis efforts, and overall program management.

MTEQ’s experience with disparate sensor modalities enables us to support system concept designs. We also have a strong technical understanding of modeling, evaluating, integrating, and testing Electro Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensor systems. Our diverse technical staff includes senior scientists with advanced degrees in optical science, engineering, computer science and physics as well as talented junior engineers, program and project managers, and experienced technical writers. We also have staff embedded at customer sites who support program and budget analysis, public affairs, security, and network administration tasking.

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Core Capabilities

Sensor Design, Development, Testing & System Integration

MTEQ has extensive experience in the advanced engineering and physics associated with sensor design and prototyping. Our capabilities range from advanced Focal Plane Array Detector research to the development of prototype sensor systems.

  • Hyperspectral & Multispectral Sensors
  • C4ISR & EO/IR Sensors
  • Optical, Mechanical, Electrical, & Systems Engineering
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Performance Specifications Analysis & Modeling
  • Prototype Development
  • Complex Platform Sensor Integration (Rifle-Mounted, Head-Worn, Aircraft Payload, Ground Vehicle, Riverine, Portable)
  • ICD & TDP Development & Configuration Management
  • Troubleshooting & Reverse Engineering
  • Algorithms Development, Implementation, & Test
  • Modeling & Simulation


  • Test Plan Design & Implementation
  • Spectral & Spatial Ground Truthing
  • Spectral Target Fabrication
  • Test Reporting
  • Data Acquisition, Real-Time Processing, & Post-Collection Analysis


We have an established and proven management approach, focusing on customer relationship and quality deliverables, for executing complex technical contracts for both Government and commercial customers.

  • Program Management
  • Budget Analysis
  • Public Affairs
  • Network Administration
  • On- & Off-Site Customer Support